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    Timor Leste’s second largest town is a spectacular three hour drive from Dili along the coast via Manatuto. With a cool climate and outstanding beaches, nearby Baucau is an essential stop on any trip eastwards. The country’s first Hospitality training facility, the Pousada de Baucau, has recently opened. Boasting excellent accommodation, high service standards and an emphasis on quality food, this spectacularily “pink palace” is well worth a visit.
    The beach at Baucau is a deserted haven that offers cool ocean breezes, fantastic camping under the shade of the palm trees and phenomenal sunsets. After the drive down from Baucau simply follow the road left until you reach the Portuguese ruins.
    From Baucau you can also cut across the island and head for Viqueque. This region was once an important source of sandalwood and teak and the remaining forests are lush and dense due to the high amounts of rainfall that the area receives. Journeys can be difficult during the wet season so be sure to take travel advice before

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